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To all international doctoral candidates and anyone interested in becoming one:

We are the “VetDocs” – representing doctoral candidates of the veterinary faculty at LMU, Munich.

After graduation it isn’t easy to start a thesis and to find answers to all the questions that inevitably arise. Questions such as: How will I finance it? How does the supervision work? Do I need insurance? Which department is the best for me? Who are the contact persons? Even finding a suitable thesis can be a challenge.
Our group consists of independent doctoral candidates, who can help you to get along at our university.

Typically, the doctoral degree granted at our faculty is "Dr. med. vet.". Some other titles are also possible, though. The title "Dr." is sometimes translated as a "PhD" degree. While in many respects this translation is fitting, it is not entirely correct. A person who aquires a "Dr." may not claim the "PhD" postgraduate academic degree, and vice versa. Traditionally, in german-speaking countries the "Dr." is the requirement for an academic career at the university, just as the "PhD" often is in english-speaking countries. International students should inform themselves about the differences between "Dr." and "PhD" when planning their career, and decide which title they want to pursue.

Implementation of a PhD program is in progress in some veterinary faculties in Germany. Unfortunately it isn't possible to achieve a PhD grade directly at the LMU Veterinary Department yet.  In Munich, acquiring a PhD is still difficult for veterinarians at the moment (but it is possible).

Please contact us via E Mail vetdocs@vetmed.uni-muenchen.de. We will try to answer your questions and support you to become a member of the Veterinary Department of the LMU, Munich.

IMPORTANT:  At the moment we have no members who have special knowledge about the paperwork required for foreign veterinarians who want to do their thesis in Munich. We will try to help you with all the information that is usefull for doing a doctoral thesis in Munich, but we have no special expertise to help you get your "Approbation" or any other degrees accredited etc.